Embracing the Digital Dentistry Revolution

by Dr. Christiana Onisiforou – Prosthodontist

A New Era for your Oral Health

In this informative guide, prosthodontics specialist Dr. Christiana Onisiforou shares her expert insight on digital dentistry and its applications in dental care and treatment. The leading specialist also reveals how innovations in the field are improving outcomes for patients and discusses what is involved in prosthodontics and tooth restoration.

The digital revolution in dentistry isn’t the future, but the present….

In an age where digital innovation has disrupted and revolutionized numerous sectors, dentistry is no exception. In this era of cutting-edge technology, innovative digital tools and practices are changing the way we approach and deliver oral health care, making procedures more precise, efficient, and patient-friendly.

What is digital dentistry?

Digital dentistry refers to the use of modern digital technologies in various aspects of dental care, including diagnosis, treatment planning, and the fabrication of dental restorations. The use of digital imaging such as CBCT (3D x-rays) gives dentists a clearer understanding of the patient’s anatomy prior to providing treatment which improves the quality of the care and reduces the risks of treatments.

Computer-Aided Design and Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAD/CAM)

CAD/CAM technology enables the design and fabrication of dental restorations, such as crowns, veneers, bridges, and dentures, using computerized systems. Digital impressions captured by intraoral scanners are used to create virtual models, which are then used to design restorations. These designs are then sent to milling machines or 3D printers for the fabrication of the final restorations.

What are the benefits of digital dentistry?

Opting for a dental practice that utilizes digital technology comes with a number of benefits. Digital dentistry allows for streamlined, less invasive and accurate treatments and processes. Furthermore, these innovations allow for greater predictability in the outcome of treatments. Another fantastic benefit is the improved comfort patients experience in contrast to traditional dentistry. There is no need to utilize a large, gooey impression tray as well as the added benefit of digital treatments being far less time-consuming. This is because this technology makes it possible to design, create and place restorations in one visit, allowing the patient to experience ultimate convenience. The precision achieved through digital dentistry comes in the form of laser technology, that creates and reconstructs the image of the patient’s tooth with great accuracy. This also has a direct effect on the aesthetics of the tooth as natural colors and contours can be achieved.

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